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Odin’s Beard Crafts

About By Odin’s Beard Crafts

By Odin's Beard Crafts was born on 2021, through a long quest for the best beard oil. Being a bearded guy for many years, and after trying almost all kinds of beard products out there, I decided to take the bull by the horns and make my own.

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Beard Grooming & Viking Crafts at your service.

Beard Products

The best high quality and unique beard products for you. A potent 10 carrier formula will cover every need that your beard and skin can have. Top that with 7 unique scents.

Armor Clothing

Style yourself with the clothing that matches the Viking theme. Beat the Class.

Hair Straightener
Beard Weapons

Step up your beard game with this selection. Untie knots, distribute the product evenly trough hair and skin, tame the direction where the beard grows, and more.

Viking Handcrafts

Viking items that can be used for magic, drinking, to wear or just to display. Keep the old ways alive!

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Beard Products
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Beard Weapons
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Covering all your beard and skin needs

Unique Formula!

We proudly present a unique and powerful formula combining 10-14 carrier oils. This will penetrate both hair and skin, taking your beard game to the next level. Adding to this, 6 natural scents that will carry you into nature, during the different seasons of the year.

New Sandalwood & Horn comb

This comb has a base made out of green sandalwood, giving it the woody looks. You can even feel a faint woody scent out of it. And the teeth are made out of buffalo horn, which will glide through your beard with ease.

Review = Discount

We appreciate the time you use leaving us a review, that's why we created a special discount every time you leave us one. Enjoy and thanks!

Viking Horns, Statues, Runes & more

Check out our viking handcraft selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces

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I have never in my life come across such an amazing beard
care product. Starting using these products in summer 2020. I absolutely love
the crazy design of this soap, the scent of the soap and the way it makes my
beard and skin feel. My girlfriend noticed the difference it makes my beard
hair softer after the first use. The feeling of soft and smooth hydrated beard
continues for half the day at least. Highly Recommended

John O'Connor(Fafnir Beard Soap)

What a superb product! From opening the bottle and getting that intial hit of the cardamom, I was hooked. It's a deep scented oil and you can tell it's been crafted by someone who not only knows what they're doing but loves it too. Excellent consistently of the oil, which really does sink into the beard, offering a long-lasting scent and proper nurishment. Fafnir beard soap is incredible and has a slightly smokey smell to it but still bags of freshness. You know it's full of Good Stuff...! Looking forward to working my way through the different scents and anything else this craftsman comes up with!

Mike HigginbothamBlack Magic + Fafnir Beard Soap

Been excited to review this one as it’s so unique to anything I’ve ever smelt in a totally good way!

There’s a few brands I hold respect for in the UK Beard scene and #byodinsbeardcraft is most certainly one of them.

So Mabon Magic has it all woody floral base, spicy peppery almost ginger warming notes some creamy vanilla then a healthy slap of choccy-wocky-do-dah! Yes you heard it chocolate! And it totally works!

Shut your eyes bro, and imagine your walking in the park, trees are that lovely orange and red colours it’s cold but bright and you’ve got a cup of spiced hot chocolate! Your there! Phenomenal man!

Mabon being Pagan Thanksgiving, autumn equinox a time of balance. Perfectly named for this brand.

Phillip DearnMabon Magic

I’ve used runes for a number of years now so when these rune dice became available I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a set.

The dice are nice to handle, the size and weight makes them easy to use. The design is really organic looking. They’re hand crafted, slightly charred and oiled with teak for that extra protection. When not in use they’re nice enough just to have on display on an alter or focal point in your home. The energies I got from these were amazing. Really simple to use with a beautiful and easy to understand instructions booklet.

Absolutely love the storage bag it really adds to the rustic feel of the dice, excellent quality and keeps the dice protected and safe from potential environmental damage.

Highly recommended product, definitely hoping for a bone set that have just been released too.

Jolene EngumRune set

This sellers is 100% totally passionate about his products top quality items even put my name in binding runes at no extra cost totally smashed it ty skal

Jen ForrestHorn Mug

Brilliant feeling after brushing beard with the boar bristle brush, face feels like it’s had a massage and alive, keeps the beard in check too, paired this up with some of the oils and over time the bristles are infused with the oil which just smells amazing when brushing.

Nathan HarmerBeard Boar Brush