About us

By Odin's Beard Crafts was born on 2021, through a long quest for the best beard oil.

Being a bearded guy for many years, and after trying (insert big number here) of beard products out there, I decided to take the bull by the horns and make my own.

My goal is to deliver a high quality and unique beard products. The ingredients are all natural, vegan friendly and cruelty free as nothing is tested on animals, also it's free of sulphates, parabens, artificial colours, or anything weird that you can't pronounce.

You will find that we are one of the few companies that uses a high number of carriers on their products. After a long time studying and intense experiments, and wanting to create something unique, we achieved a high quality product that covers every need that the beard and the skin can have. All of our beard oils, beard butters and beard soaps, will help to stimulate the hair follicles and promote healthy growth thanks to the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. They also reduce inflammation, dandruff and split ends, it will help kill bacteria caused by cuts or very dry skin. And, because it doesn't evaporate, it helps to seal in moisture hydrating and nourishing both skin and hair.

Nourishment time for both oils and butters varies from 8 to 16 hours, and in some cases even more. Giving aromatically combined essential and fragrance oils creating a unique long lasting scent even Freya would not be able to resist.

Taking the word "Crafts" to another level, we don't stop at beard grooming products, and create and sell even more items, like T-shirts, Hoodies, Hats, and also hand crafted products like soap bases, rune sets, etc.

Created through the will of the Gods, by Odin's Beard is another step towards victory.